#063 - VIDA ZHANG FARGIS | International Etiquette Education


VIDA ZHANG FARGIS is an etiquette expert with a special focus on preparing children who will live global lives for their journeys, and on empowering their mothers to be a modern Chinese woman. Vida uses the home environment as a laboratory, updating traditional roles to best meet the future.

Vida Zhang Fargis LINKS:
“Making House Into A Home”:

“Mum’s The Word”:

#062 - OLIM ALIMOV | SCOLAR & The Future of Community


OLIM ALIMOV is a consultant, entrepreneur, and a co-founder of SCOLAR. The SCOLAR Network is a platform aimed at bringing together young leaders from 18 Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) countries to strengthen connectivity, promote dialogue, and contribute to regional development. Olim sits down with Yingying Li to share some of his many excellent insights.

#061 - MALCOLM CLARKE | Better Angels & The US-China Relationship

MALCOLM CLARKE is a 2-time Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker. His new film BETTER ANGELS examines the world’s most consequential relationship - that of the US and China - in a powerful, moving, & candid way. This week Yingying Li talks with him about the film, lessons learned, & much more. A fantastic talk.

#060 - Prof. GREGORY LaBLANC | Fintech & Edtech in China and Silicon Valley

Dr. Gregory Lablanc is a Distinguished Teaching Fellow at UC Berkeley in the Haas School of Business, a lecturer in the School of Law specializing in Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Venture Capital, & Corporate Law, & Faculty Director of the Berkeley Fintech Institute. He has a special focus on China, and he shares some valuable thoughts regarding the road ahead with us on today’s show.


#059 - Dr. PARAG KHANNA | The Future Is Asian

Dr. Parag Khanna wears many hats: as a strategic advisor & consultant to global companies and governments; a TED Talker, speaker, & world traveler with both data- and experientially based insights into a host of pressing issues; and an author. His most recent book, The Future Is Asian, discusses not just the well-trod “Asian Century”  concept, but seeks to have a pan-Asian conversation to look at how the entire world is becoming Asian-ized.

Dr. Khanna has been on a speaking & consulting tour through China specifically, and Yingying li caught up with him after one such event the other day for this interview. From there, he went on to speak with Liu Xin, host of CGTN’s “The Point”, who has recently become famous Stateside for her ongoing dialogue with Trish Regan from FOX News. His LinkedIn page reveals a widely varied background ranging from Georgetown University to the London School of Economics, with time spent as a senior fellow at think-tanks such as the New America Foundation to serving as a Managing Partner, Advisor, Founder, or CEO at companies from New York City to Singapore. Among his more personal interests are his roles helping smart startups that are focused on improving the health of and opportunities for kids, which I found especially notable. All in all, it was a great, valuable talk, and we look forward to doing another one in the future. 


#058 - CLARK RUBINO | Startup Grinding & Entrepreneurship in Chongqing

Clark Rubino (鲁比诺) is Founder & CEO of Chongqing Bright Ideas Business, & Chapter Director of Startup Grind in Chongqing. He arrived in Chongqing from the United States in 2011 with the goal of opening his own wholly owned foreign enterprise (WOFE), and he has not only reached his goal, but made Chongqing - the hidden gem of China - his home. Clark shares a lot of great cultural intelligence in this episode, especially related to community building in Western China.



#057 - MAHDI SHARIFF | Guanxi.Ai & Using Data For Good

Mahdi Shariff is a "Forbes30under30” honoree and the founder of Guanxi.AI. Their mission is to help people harness the power of data for good, and they have an admirable track record of doing so. Please enjoy the talk, and visit to learn more.


Mahdi Shariff LINKS:
Twitter: @MahdiShariff

#055 - HCW REMIX: Season 1 Overview | Yingying Li & Brendan Davis

This week we bring you a special REMIX edition of “HCW"! We’re sharing an enhanced version of one of our most popular shows, which was originally released Dec 28, 2018 as a video summary of our Season 1 highlights. Brendan also shares information about Yingying’s upcoming speaking event in Beijing on May 22 (in Chinese), and invites you to check out his newest podcast, “If I Knew You Better” this week to hear an amazing China-expat story with Hollywood actress Lee Chen.

Yingying Li speaking in Beijing:
Lee Chen episode of “If I Knew You Better”:


We were extraordinarily honored to welcome as our guest this week Dr. Frank-Jürgen Richter. Dr. Richter is a leading international thinker on economics & monetary policy . He is the Chairman of Horasis, which hosts four events a year providing political, business, and social leaders with a platform to find common ground. Formerly a Director of the World Economic Forum at Davos, Dr. Richter engaged with Brendan & Yingying for an extended conversation that ranges from the practical to the deeply philosophical. 


Chris Oniya is from Houston, Texas but has been in China 11 years. He's a serial entrepreneur using his insights at the intersection of business and education towards some truly worthwhile ends. This is a high-energy, info-heavy talk and a lot of fun - we hope you enjoy it! 


WeChat: luyichris


Xiaoning Lyu was inspired by Frieda Kahlo on a trip to Mexico and created Viva La Vida as a street-art project, but it’s grown into much more. Visit her website or connect with her online to learn more.


Han Tianqi is International Co-Chair and President of the China branch of the G20 Young Entrepreneur’s Alliance, CEO of APEC Voices of the Future (China), a Forbes "30 Under 30" honoree, and our guest this week on the show. 

Han tianqi.png

LinkedIn: Tianqi Han
Books recommended: 
《论语》《The Analects》《六祖坛经》The Six Face of the Altar (Chinese)
G20 Young Entrepreneurs' Alliance
APEC Voices of the Future (China)


#050 - DIEGO GILARDONI (吉博明)

Diego Gilardoni joins Yingying in Beijing for a great talk that flies by far too fast. Brendan chimes in at the end and likewise hopes for a Round 2 with all of us, in person. Diego has a lot to say, and we were honored to have him join us to say a little of it. 


Navigating Global Complexity: The Cultural Compass | Diego Gilardoni | TEDxLugano 



Rami Blachman is a US/Israeli tech entrepreneur and venture capitalist based in Shanghai and Tel Avi. He is founder of China Israel Innovation Accelerator, a business partner and mentor in several accelerator programs, and an advisor for international business development. Rami talked with Yingying and Brendan and shared excellent insights into the East-West business conversation that offered fresh food for thought. 


Rami is a frequent speaker and contributing writer in Beijing-based TechNode, the exclusive China partner of TechCrunch and the leading source on the China tech and startup ecosystems: and in San Francisco-based Venture Beat:


#047 - MIKE SUI (隋凯)

Mike Sui is most well-known as a comedic actor, having found fame in TV, viral videos, and in such films as THE WANDERING EARTH, currently the 2nd highest grossing Chinese movie of all time. But Mike also has great insights into both himself and the two cultures - American and Chinese - that most shaped him. This week he shares his thoughts with Yingying in Beijing, while Brendan checks in from Paris.

Mike Sui.png

Li Bolun is the co-founder of Diinsider, a content creator and solution provider for entrepreneurs, development actors, and partners in the bottom of the pyramid (BoP) market. Diinsider currently has offices or is involved in projects in China, Myanmar, Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand. Bolun is a Forbes China “30 under 30” leader in social enterprise.


LinkedIn: Bolun Li
Book mentioned by Bolun:
British Historian Arnold Joseph Toynbee 《A Study of History》



Our shared human civilization is much more intriguing, much deeper and more complex than was previously imagined. China’s modern reimagining of the historic Silk Roads through its Belt and Road Initiative reveals remarkably deep connections between Asia and Europe and much more. In this HCW episode with Prof. Don Lewis, we discuss the three ancient civilization zones of China, India, and Southeast Asia – and a fourth civilization zone in the Mediterranean - the true cradles of human civilization.


Adjunct Professor
Department of Economics, Law, and International Business 
School of Management
University of San Francisco 
旧金山大学商学院兼职教授 经济法律和国际商务系

Associate Member
Brooke Chambers
Chancery Lane, London, UK

Public International Law Advisory Group, Paris, France




Steve Hoffman is known in both Silicon Valley and now China by his nickname Captain Hoff. He is the Founder and “Captain” of Founders Space, a leading tech incubator and the largest foreign one in China. He’s also a best-selling author and has spoken to millions of people live or on webcasts about East-West cooperation and the opportunities therein. So it was a pleasure and an honor to have him join us on “How China Works”.


The future people live depends on the stories they tell themselves - or believe - now. Prof. Kerry Brown - Professor of Chinese Studies and Director at the Lau China Institute - joins us today from London for a deeply thoughtful chat about “this extraordinary moment” in China relations right now, and much more. Many of today's topics are what people tell us privately they care about the most.


Kerry Brown
Professor of Chinese Studies and Director, Lau China Institute
伦敦国王学院 中国研究所 主任 凯瑞.布朗教授


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