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BEIJING, December 12, 2018 — “How China Works”, a daily podcast designed to help foreigners become “China-smart” and to help Chinese people who want to go global, has launched to acclaim. Co-hosts Yingying Li & Brendan Davis discuss a full range of issues from a cross-cultural, cross-gender, and cross-generational perspective.

The first 8 weeks of the show - making up Season 1, ending December 28, 2018 - were designed as a “crash course in China”, providing bite-sized pieces of information in 40 daily episodes averaging 12 minutes apiece, Monday-Friday. Season 2 of the show begins January 7, 2019 and switches to a longer, twice a week format, with guest experts joining the hosts in topical conversations about the China news of the day.

Co-host Brendan Davis: “The situation in the world today between the US and China convinced me that there was an urgent need to create real understanding of and between our respective cultures. With "How China Works", Yingying Li and I are focused on giving listeners smart talk that is fast and fun, but which cuts through the noise.”

Co-host Yingying Li: "If there were more mission-driven & empathetic dialogues between East & West, it would create an ever-important yin-yang combination, which is truly a win-win - for future humanity, and for all of us here now. Welcome, and we hope you join our cross-cultural journey on 'How China Works'!"

Five weeks into its release, “How China Works” has organically reached listeners in 47 countries & territories, and continues to expand. Early praise for the show has come from cross-cultural VCs, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, creatives, thought leaders, and many others.

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About the Podcast

“How China Works” demystifies modern China for outsiders, and makes the outside world more relatable to Chinese people, too. Co- hosts YINGYING LI and BRENDAN DAVIS use a hybrid East-West perspective - crossing cultures, generations, and genders - to find common ground and build understanding. The show is fun, friendly, and focused, referencing history and culture as it looks to the future, in order to benefit all of us.


YINGYING LI is an expert consultant in cross-cultural management communications, brand strategy, business development, and thought leadership. Based in San Francisco, CA but born and raised in central China, Li’s clients have included Forbes billionaires and executives from Facebook, LinkedIn, Cisco and Intel as well as educators, small businesses, and others. Her lifelong passion has been increasing global understanding through better communications, and “How China Works” is another step towards achieving that goal.

BRENDAN DAVIS was raised in Atlanta, Georgia and began his entertainment career in 1990. He moved to Los Angeles in 2002 and has been a producer on films competing at Sundance, Toronto, Berlin and other top festivals. Davis created the podcast “Big Fish in the Middle Kingdom” in May 2017 to make sense of his new home, and he co-created “How China Works” with Yingying Li to continue his journey.


Brendan Davis